Open Source

We love tinkering on the side, and sometimes our experiments turn into incredibly useful tools. As a proudly open-source organization, we offer these tools freely for anyone to use or modify. No strings attached, just good software doing its thing. Check out what we've been up to, and feel free to get involved.

Memora Date

~ Yet Another Reminder App

First project, big step. Memora Date offers a simple list of reminders, one-time or recurring events, and the ability to import contacts. Email alerts keep you on track.

OHTOne Hunter Theme

~ Popular VSCode Theme

Merging the best of Vercel Theme ▲ and One Dark Pro 🎨, One Hunter brings a unique aesthetic to your coding environment.


~ ChatGPT Plugin

Simply type in what you're feeling or looking for, and Spotigen will generate a Spotify playlist to match. A straightforward way to discover new music.

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